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Our forthcoming kaaep talk - 2nd July 2024

This promises to be a fascinating talk by Professor Emeritus Andy Kempe, who will outline the significant contributions that locations nearby made during the preparations for the biggest invasion in history: D-Day. 

June 6th 2024 marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Several locations in our area played a significant part in that momentous day, none more so than Greenham Common in Newbury.

General Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, visited Greenham on June 5th 1944, and it was there that he made the famous speech in which he told his men that, ‘The eyes of the world are upon you.’ Shortly before midnight he watched 81 C 47 Dakota aircraft take 1,430 parachutists to the skies over Normandy.  In all, 23,400 airborne troops took part in D-Day. The attack was led by an aircraft bearing a message to Adolf Hitler on its nosecone reading ‘That’s all brother!’ That aircraft took off from Greenham.

This animated talk will explain how bases in South Oxford and Berkshire prepared for the biggest invasion in history. It will be given by Emeritus Professor Andy Kempe, who is the Outreach and Education Ambassador for Greenham Control Tower.

No charge will be made for the talk, but attendees are invited to make a donation to Greenham Common Control Tower if they are interested to do so.

This event has been organised in partnership with King Alfred’s Academy, as part of the academy’s Academic Enrichment Programme (KAAEP). If you are interested to attend this fascinating presentation, please reserve a seat using the following link:  or by scanning the QR code: below.

We look forward to welcoming to this exciting event!