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Assessment, Reporting and Parents' Evenings

Assessment and Reporting

Teachers will do a range of assessments with students, from in class work on mini-whiteboards to regular topic tests and whole school mock exams in preparation for public exams.

These assessments then feed into our Assessment Profiles for all students:

• Year 7 to Year 9 use Learning Paths to track their progress against key statements for each subject.

• Year 10 to Year 13 use Projected Grades to track their progress against their targets for each subject.

Every year we will provide parents with more specific information on how the various parts of the profiles are created (for example how the Target Grade or Projected Grade are generated) and also an Assessment Schedule showing the dates when the various Assessment Profiles will be published. The Assessment Profiles will be published to parents via MCAS (website and app), and an email sent to confirm they are available to view. Each Assessment Profile is accompanied with an additional page to explain its various parts.

Parents' Evenings

All year groups have at least one parents' evening per year in which teachers update students and parents on progress in each subject. We use School Cloud to manage appointments as effectively as possible for parents and staff. Parents' evenings take place each term for the year groups shown below:

Term 1 

Year 13 

Term 2 

Year 7 and Year 11 

Term 3 

Year 9 and Year 12 

Term 4 

Year 11 and Year 13 

Term 5 

Year 10 

Term 6 

Year 7 and Year 8 

Year 7, Year 11 and Year 13 have two annual parents' evenings to support transition and preparation for public examinations. Specific dates for the year ahead can be found in the academy calendar.