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Business Studies

Our aim: To develop enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively.

The curriculum enables students to explore the business world and develop business acumen. They are encouraged to think critically, drawing on business information and evidence to develop arguments and justify decisions. Our Scheme of Learning motivates and challenges students, whilst exposing them to the ever-changing way in which business is conducted; ensuring that when they move onto the next phase of their education, they are in a position to add value to society.

Curriculum Overview 

Students at King Alfred’s Academy will have the option to start their journey on the study of Business Studies in Year 9. Initially, they will be exposed to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, before they start to explore the key components of Business through our extremely popular ‘Tenner Challenge’. This is wrapped around the study of micro and macroeconomics, which introduces the role of government and how the tools at their disposal impact individuals and enterprises.  This course is a gateway to both GCSE Business Studies and GCSE Economics. Students who choose to follow the route to GCSE Business Studies will then explore small-scale business to help gain an understanding of the challenges of enterprise, before exploring the different forms a business can take. This leads in to a study of the external influences on business, before we explore the four key functional areas of Human Resources; Marketing; Operations Management and Finance.  GCSE Business Studies is an extremely popular course and many of our students go on to study either A Level Business Studies or one of our two BTEC Business options in the Sixth Form.

Year 9 topics Enterprise & Economics

Terms 1-2:

Business in the Real World: What is a business & who cares about how they behave?

Introduction to Finance & Marketing: How do we measure business performance?

Terms 3-4:

Introduction to Macroeconomics: How does a government know if an economy is performing effectively and sustainably?

Designing a Business proposal: How do we plan and conduct strategy in Business?

Terms 5-6:

The Tenner Challenge: Understanding the importance of Enterprise to the economy & our role within it.

Microeconomic principles: How do consumers and producers behave within a market?

Year 10 topics GCSE Business Studies

Terms 1-2:

Business in the real world: What is the purpose and nature of Business? (Making profit V's Philanthropic motivation)

Terms 3-4:

Human Resources: What role do People play in Business; & how do they influence business activity?

Terms 5-6:

Business operations: How should a Business seek to meet the need of its customers? (Mass Production Vs. Job Production & the rise of new powerful economies)

Year 11 topics GCSE Business Studies

Terms 1-2:

Influences on Business: How does society influence the behaviour of Businesses? (Profit Making Vs. Ethical behaviour Vs. Government controls)

Terms 3-4:

Finance: Can I consider, measure & rationalise Business Performance using financial data? (Quantitative Vs. Qualitative performance measures)