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Film Studies

Our aim: to provide students with an understanding of the importance of film at shaping social, cultural, political and historical ideas and beliefs in society, as well as gaining appreciation of film as a creative medium.

Curriculum Overview

Students at King Alfred’s Academy will have the option to start their journey on the study of Film Studies in Year 9. It is here where they will be initially exposed to Film Studies through the Stage and Screen course which is a gateway to both GCSE Film Studies and Drama. Students who chose to follow the route to GCSE Film Studies, which allows students to develop a critical, questioning approach to films, the industry, audiences and social contexts. Students study a variety of films and analyse their techniques, representations and cultural influences. They will learn to analyse texts, develop their ability to visualise stories, and learn the technical skills to turn ideas into films.

Year 9 Stage and Screen option topics

Stage and Screen is an option course than students can opt for at the end of Year 8. This is a combined course looking at the mechanics of film making, how to construct storyboards, exploring plays and making and editing their own films. 

Term 1-2: Horror on Stage and Screen: How do artistic choices have an impact on the audience responses?  Students will explore cinematography, camera angles, looking at codes and conventions of the genre. Students will create storyboard of a Horror sequence. 

Term 3-4: DNA: Should we take responsibility for our own actions? The study of a play practically and the themes, issues, target audience. Create their own trailer for a film version of the play 

Term 5-6: Silent Movies: How have past movements influenced stage and screen in the 21st century?  Exploration of the silent movie era and the codes and conventions of this style of film. Students will then create their own silent short film.  

Year 10 topics

Terms 1-2: Technical Exploration of Film (Cinematography, Lighting, Mise –en – Scene, editing, sound)

Terms 3-4: Practical Production of either a Film extract/ Screenplay (based on exam board brief)

Terms 5-6: Global Non- English Film

Year 11 topics

Terms 1-2: Comparative US Films/ Film Technology

Terms 3-4: US Independent Film / Specialist Writing (Film Criticism)