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Our aim: ‘Making connections’ and learning about ‘people and the world around us’, is what links the Humanities vision to the History curriculum. We deal with traditions and cultural precepts that have shaped laws, attitudes, and beliefs, and therefore societies, for centuries. We want our learners to connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and build deeper knowledge and understanding.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum in Years 7 to 9 focuses on building a chronological understanding of the past, from the medieval to the modern world. Big Questions are used to build knowledge and curiosity. Students are expected to identify points and substantiate explanations with relevant knowledge, showing respect and an awareness of other viewpoints and opinions.

In Years 10 and 11 we follow the OCR B GCSE specification which consists of five components. Students study a range of topics including; Public Health, c.1250-present, The Norman Conquest, 1065-1087, the Making of America, c.1789-1900 and Living Under Nazi Rule, 1933-45. Students also carry out a local study (The Development of Cowley Road) before time is given to revision and preparation for the GCSE exams.

Year 7 Topics

Term 1 – The purpose of History. Why do we study History? The Norman Conquest. How did the Normans Conquer England?

Term 2 – The Crusades. What were the Crusades?

Term 3 – Medieval England. What mattered to medieval people?

Term 4 – Was the Black Death the most significant moment of the Middle Ages? 

Term 5 – The Tudors. Was Henry VIII a tyrant Tudor?

Term 6 – The Mughal Empire. Who was the greatest Mughal emperor?

Year 8 Topics

Term 1 – How far was Elizabethan England really a golden age? 

Term 2 – The British Empire and the Slave Trade. How did sugar corrupt the world?

Term 3 – The industrial revolution. What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution on working people's lives?

Term – 4 Australia. How did the British colonise Australia? 

Term 5 – World War One. What was the impact of WW1 on people’s lives? 

Term 6 – Winston Churchill. How should Winston Churchill be remembered?

Year 9 Topics

Term 1 - Topic 1: Terrorism. Where does terrorism come from? The rise of terror tactics in the modern world

Term 2 – Suffrage and equal rights. How have civil rights developed over time?

Term 3 – Topic 3: Democracy to Dictatorship / The rise of dictators.

Term 4 – Topic 4: The Holocaust. What stories lie behind photographs of the holocaust?

Term 5 / 6 – How did the lives of people change 1250 – present?

Year 10 topics

Term 1-2 – People's health 1250 – present.

Term 2-3 – Norman conquest 1065 - 1087.

Term 4-6 – The making of America 1789 - 1900.

Year 11 topics

Term 1 – Cowley Road Local study. History around us.

Term 2-4 – Living under Nazi rule.