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Join us as a Year 7 student

Joining King Alfred's Academy: A Guide to the Transition Process for year 6 students

Year 7 studentWelcome to King Alfred's Academy, where we take pride in our strong transition arrangements for students joining us. We understand the importance of a seamless transition and aim to provide confidence and support to all families throughout the process.

Information on making an application can be found on the Local Authority's website:

We believe that effective communication is key, and we make it a priority to keep parents informed and engaged during the transition journey. Through open mornings and evenings, parent workshops, and consultations, we offer opportunities for parents to ask questions, receive information, and share their feedback. We value your input and believe that a strong partnership between home and school is essential for the success of our students.

Our dedicated team of teachers and staff work tirelessly to ensure that every student feels supported and valued. We prioritise building positive relationships and fostering a sense of belonging right from the start.

To download our Admissions Policy, please visit our Admissions Information page.

OPEN EVENTS for 2024

Open Evening (West Site) - Thursday 3rd October

Open Mornings (West Site) - Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th October

Open Morning (Centre Site) - Saturday 19th October



12 September 2023 - Applications open

31 October 2023 - Closing date for applications

1 March 2024 - National Offer Day

13 March 2024 - The last date for responding to an offer made on 1 March

8 May 2024 - Second allocation round

17 May 2024 - The last date for responding to an offer made on 8 May

September 2024 - Start of the school year 

September (of Year 6)

In September, we invite prospective families to join us for open mornings at our West Site, held in late September or early October. These informal tours allow you to experience a typical school day and visit a range of lessons. We also hold an open morning at our Centre Site, which is where students will spend their remaining years at King Alfred's Academy (Year 9 – 13). We have a dedicated Open Evening on West Site on Thursday 3rd October, where you and your child will have a wonderful opportunity to experience the ethos of our Academy and explore our state-of-the-art facilities. The evening will be filled with a mix of student-led and self-guided tours, and you will also have the chance to attend a presentation from the Headteacher and our senior team, who will share valuable insights about our school and its vision.

October (of Year 6)

Having had the opportunity to look round King Alfred's at one of our Open events, October is a significant month for families considering King Alfred's Academy. It is when families complete application forms, which are then submitted to the county as part of the enrolment process. We understand that this step holds great importance in your child's educational journey, and we are here to guide you through the process.

In addition to the application forms, we organise a series of twilight events specifically designed for Year 5 and 6 students. These events, led by our experienced faculties, provide a wonderful opportunity for students to get a closer look at our West Site. During these twilight events, students can explore the site, interact with our dedicated teaching staff, and begin building positive relationships with the individuals who will play a vital role in their education. These events aim to familiarise students with our school environment and create excitement about the potential of joining our school community.

March (of Year 6)

In March, acceptance letters are sent out by the county, offering a place at King Alfred's Academy. Around this time, we start providing more information to parents regarding the transition process and further administrative arrangements.

April (of Year 6)

In April, we have well-established procedures for transferring student data from primary schools. This allows us to identify and respond to students' needs in collaboration with their previous schools, ensuring a smooth transition.

June (of Year 6)

During June, we organise primary visits where members of our pastoral team and KS3 leads speak formally about the transition and answer any questions students may have.

To support a successful transition, we offer a series of short transition workshops focused on developing new friendships, improving self-esteem and confidence, settling well into school life, showing an interest in school and school work, getting used to new routines, and ensuring curriculum continuity.

Additionally, we organise a family evening which provides an excellent opportunity for parents to attend a formal presentation led by the Headteacher and KS3 leads, where you will receive further information about the transition process. It is a valuable occasion for you to have your questions answered and gain a deeper understanding of what lies ahead. Students are strongly encouraged to join as well, as they will have the chance to meet their tutor/tutor group and begin fostering early connections.

Throughout June, we offer additional opportunities for our most vulnerable students to visit the academy and establish strong relationships with our KS3 Hub team.

July (of Year 6)

Following the Family Evening, we invite all our rising Year 7 students to a transition day where they will experience their first full day at King Alfred's and actively prepare for the new ways of working at KS3.

Furthermore, we offer a fully funded Summer School for students who qualify for pupil premium, which is also well attended by other students in the year group. Out Summer School aims to support a smooth transition for Year 6 students while providing a purposeful and enjoyable experience for all. Each day begins with a tutor session, followed by engaging school-based subjects that explore exciting themes in new environments. In the afternoons, students have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities, sports, and other enriching experiences. Additionally, personalised interventions, either in small groups or one-on-one, are provided to students based on their individual needs, identified through discussions with primary colleagues. Our focus on introducing students to different aspects of school systems and fostering positivity and engagement creates an environment that builds confidence and reduces anxieties.

September (of Year 7) onwards

In September, we facilitate parent consultations to provide an early opportunity to discuss progress and transition with your child's teachers. These consultations help establish open lines of communication and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding their educational journey.

To support parents in their role, we organise informative workshops where we provide quality information on how they can support their child at school. We understand that parental involvement is crucial for a student's success, and these workshops offer valuable insights and practical tips to help parents play an active role in their child's education.

We also believe in the power of peer mentoring. Our school has established structures for student peer mentoring, where our 6th Form students provide guidance, support, and encouragement to transitioning students. This mentorship program fosters a sense of community, promotes positive relationships, and helps students navigate their transition period with the support of their peers.

Monitoring and intervention

Early intervention is a fundamental aspect of our transition program. We have effective systems in place to track and monitor students' progress, and we make use of data to inform early interventions when necessary. By identifying potential challenges early on, we can provide targeted support and ensure a successful transition for every student.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we regularly evaluate our transition arrangements. We involve staff, parents, and students in this evaluation process to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments year after year. This ensures that our transition program remains responsive and effective in meeting the needs of our students and their families.

At King Alfred's Academy, we are dedicated to providing a positive and seamless transition experience for all students. We understand that a successful transition sets the foundation for a successful educational journey, and we are here to support and guide each student and their family every step of the way.