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See our TEACHING AND LEARNING page for details of our approach to teaching and the philosophy behind our curriculum.

Information on what is taught in each subject in each year, and the approach taken in each of the subject areas, can be found in the SUBJECTS area.

We refer to INDEPENDENT LEARNING rather than 'homework' - see this section for information on our approach. You can find out about how we support students to learn at home in the event of the academy being closed for any reason on the REMOTE LEARNING page.

We ue the term PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT to cover the strand of our curriculum that includes Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE). This includes CAREERS EDUCATION which has its own area here.

Find out about all the opportunities for students to extend their academic learning and their horizons beyond the core curriculum on the ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT page, and see our CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT section for other enrichment opportunities including our Elective Programme, trips and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.