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Personal Development

Throughout KS3, students receive lessons once a fortnight on a broad range of topics that fall under three categories of the PSHCE curriculum: Health & Wellbeing; Relationships; and Living in the Wider World. These lessons equip students with the knowledge and skills to deal with situations now and in the future.

The curriculum is cyclical; each topic is revisited and built upon as the students progress. The topics may be taught in new and different ways to challenge students' thinking and to ensure that students are developing their understanding of themselves, others, and the wider world.

In Year 10, Personal Development is delivered in two strands.

The first strand is Citizenship, where students learn about our fundamental British Values, our roles and responsibilities as citizens, the purpose of Government and how it works, alongside the process of elections and voting. The aim of the course is for students to understand the rights and responsibilities that come with living in Great Britain and the UK.

The second strand is World Views, where students cover the statutory content for Religious Studies - they explore topics such as "why do people believe in a God?", "What does it mean to be human?" "Is there more to life than our physical existence?" "Why are some animals better protected than others?" "Is veganism the only hope for the future?"